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Investment Partner in
Manufacturing Excellence

As experienced industry professionals ourselves, the team at ReNEW Manufacturing Solutions understands the importance of a fair price, fast production, and quality results. We also know the value of looking ahead. Have you taken the time to plan out the next phase of your business?

We're not just investors, but partners in progress. Our mission is to help you, the owner, reap the rewards of all the years that went into building your business and to continue the legacy you have built. ReNEW acquires generational industrial companies in a way that will ensure a brighter future for the owner(s), the staff, and the local community. Customers can continue to count on the same quality-driven business that works faster than the competition at a fair price, and you can secure your future.

A Legacy of Growth

We invest in and acquire machine shops, fabrication shops, and niche manufacturing under our parent ReNEW Manufacturing Solutions. Our commitment to continuity and preserving the legacy of a family-owned business is what sets us apart. The ReNEW team believes in nurturing and expanding upon the successes of existing organizations without disrupting their core values.

A Commitment to the Family

When we acquire a company, we want to become a part of the founding family’s organizational vision. Employees deserve the same respect and care they’ve always received from the founding team. Wherever possible, we retain all staff to set a stable foundation for trust and continuity from the get-go.

Connect with Us

Connect with us to learn more about our diverse portfolio of machining capabilities and how they can help drive your business forward.