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The Best CNC Machines for Industrial Applications

These are five of the best CNC machines for precision manufacturing across aerospace, medical components, oilfield machinery, and semiconductors.

Take a closer look at some of the best CNC machines for precision work on parts for the aerospace, medical, oil, and semiconductor industries. The experienced team of machinists at ReNEW Manufacturing Solutions share insights into why these models are some of our favorites for five unique and industry-specific applications.

5 Industrial CNC Applications (and the Best CNC Machines for the Job)

Rapid Hogging of Aircraft-Grade 7000 Series Aluminum — HAAS VF-2 SS

Precision metal CNC machines from Haas to DMG Mori, Mazak, and more are excellent for working with strong, lightweight aircraft materials such as grade 7000 aluminum. However, there’s a reason we’re operating four HAAS VF-2 SS machines at ReNEW Manufacturing Solutions. The VF-2 series is the workhorse of many CNC shops and by far the most popular HAAS model. Pair that with the Super-Speed design and you get 12,000 RPM and high-speed rapids on all axes.

Use the optimized cutting tool paths of HAAS VF-2 CNC machines to slash machining time while maxing out metal removal rates. With all the same power as the larger VF models — but the cost-efficiency and footprint to pack them into the shop — these 3-axis machines are capable of hogging out fast work on high-volume production of aluminum aircraft parts. The VF series is known for high spindle speeds, lightning fast rapids, and the capacity for quick tool changes. Make fast work of aircraft CNC jobs while keeping costs under control.

Deep Hog Boring For Large-Scale Aerospace Parts — HAAS ST-40

Aerospace is known for the raw size of some of the turned parts needed in enormous engines and other equipment. The deep, chunky, 12-station turret on the HAAS ST-40 high-performance turning center, with 30" x 44" max capacity and 4.0" bar capacity, is perfect for turning work on large aerospace CNC machining workpieces. We love the performance and value it delivers (best in its class of large-frame lathes).

While a conventional lathe can also, in theory, make such parts, there’s no replacing the precision, speed and efficiency of a CNC-operated turning center of this size. With 40 horsepower, it has the strength to work with the very toughest of aerospace-grade high-strength alloys.

5-Axis Machining For Precision Work on Medical Components — HAAS UMC-750 SS

Capable of 5-axis simultaneous machining, our two HAAS UMC-750 SS machines have proven invaluable for intricate, maximum precision work on multi-sided and complex components for the medical field. If you need to complete work on consistent, accurately tooled parts for medical devices such as pacemakers or MRI machines, the UMC-750 SS is the right place to start.

Its powerful inline direct drive spindle delivers the performance CNC machinists need to work with titanium, stainless steels, cobalt chrome, and other biocompatible, non-magnetic, and non-corrosive metals. The high speed trunnion table and wireless probing system are welcome additions to the machine’s impressive capabilities, making it equally suitable for fast production and attention to detail.

Vertical Machining of Thick, Heavy Oilfield Workpieces — DMG MORI CMX 1100 V


Heat, pressure, dirt and corrosive fluids are part of everyday life on an oilfield. Parts machined for this environment often demand generous flanges and wall thicknesses for extra strength while maintaining the highest possible levels of dimensional accuracy.

The huge 55.1” x 22.0” table of the DMG MORI CMX 1100 V is ideal for handling the big, durable parts found in the oil, gas, and energy sector. The structural strength of this CNC machinery supports workpieces weighing up to 2,204.6 pounds while still offering a small footprint in the shop. We’re operating two of the solution-based CMX 1100 V machines for the combined power of the Internet of Things and the convenience of a direct measuring system in standard.

Large Plate Manufacturing in the LCD/Semiconductor Industry — HAAS VF-4

If you run a CNC machining facility in the LCD/semiconductor industry, you could find yourself manufacturing everything from finely detailed small-scale copper components to large aluminum plates. You’ll need a high-rigidity, low-weight table that allows you to craft ultraprecise parts and hold tight tolerances, but also fits.

From one-off prototype parts to large-lot runs in the semiconductor space, it’s hard to go wrong with the HAAS VF-4. This larger VF model offers a more generous work envelope and comes complete with high power, direct drive spindles and a 20 tool capacity at 8.1k RPM. With more X- and Z-axis travel (50” and 25” respectively) than the smaller VF models and a 52” x 19.5” table, this machining center has the specifications to handle workpieces ranging in size from complex one-off prototype parts to large-lot runs of aluminum plates. We’re proud to serve multiple large tier one suppliers and OEMs in the southwestern USA with this and our other mills and lathes. 

Need quality, precise CNC machining services with rapid turnarounds in any of these industries? Get in touch with ReNEW Manufacturing Solutions today for a fast quote.

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